Okay, I wouldn’t really call it throwing down the gauntlet, but the phrase popped into my head, I liked it and decided, by God, it’s my blog and I’ll title my posts whatever the hell I want. So there 😉 But there was a reason it came to mind…

But first, my blog of the day choice was something I dug up just for Sarah.

If you’re not familiar with Freecycle, well, it might not be quite as amusing to you. But to those of us who do belong and have witnessed asinine posts, the Best of Freecycle is highly entertaining.

Now, on to my gauntlet (which really isn’t a gauntlet at all, so sue me). Yesterday I featured Jayne Ann Krentz’s new blog as my blog of the day (yes Chey, blogs do have a voice and some of them fairly sing) and I mosied over today to read her latest post and catch up on some comments. In the comment of her post from yesterday, in which she wondered how she would make her blog interesting, there were a LOT of fans who mostly just wanted to tell her how much they loved her books. She had 28 total comments when I visited. One of the comments said that any blog that had posts that garnered more than 10 comments was doing well. Hmm…

In theory, I might agree with that comment. When talking about a blog that doesn’t belong to someone that already has an established fan base. But when talking to an author who has been writing books for 20 years- or even to an author who’s only been writing for one- no. I disagree. I don’t know how to say this without sounding kind of snarky, but authors have the advantage of having a readership that is already probably willing to read anything they write. And sometimes gush about it. Even if it’s just a grocery list (anyone read my fangirl column? lol) So, I don’t necessarily think the 10 comment rule applies. Now, if we’re talking about my blog, then hell yeah, my blog RAWKS 😉 Although, I don’t know how many posts I get that recieve 10 comments. Heck, I have to beg people to enter my contest for a signed copy of J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover. And I don’t even benefit from it in any way! Sheesh.

But I digress (I do that alot), I’m not saying that authors don’t have to work to keep people interested in their blogs, because every day, more and more blogs are started and people only have a finite amount of time to spend blog-hopping. So, yeah, they still have to be interesting. But what I’m saying is that they don’t have to work to get their initial readership. Heck, people like me even do promo for them 😉 Unlike just your everyday average blogger, who has to work very hard to just bring new readers to their block (I meant blog, but when I read the typo, I decided to leave it. Kind of appropriate, don’t you think?) and then work twice as hard just to keep those readers. Oh the pressure! Ahaha.

So, basically what I’m saying is…you authors have it easy. Quit yer whining. It’s us little people who suffer. Yeah. There’s my gauntlet. Take that!

Bwahahahaha…I wasn’t really saying that at all, but do you think that would have gotten me 10 comments?

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