That you’d pay what seems like a ridiculous sum for an ARC? I was browsing ebay today and did a search for J.D. Robb’s January release, Memory in Death. Okay, January is only a few months away and it’s not that long to wait, but I thought I’d take a peek and see if there were any ARCs for sale out there (please, no lectures on buying ARCs since this is a book that I will eventually BUY anyway, even if I did get an ARC). So I search and nearly swallowed my tongue. Holy Crap! People are bidding these ARCs 75 dollars and higher. SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS. For an uncorrected advanced readers copy, not even a final hardcover version. Have these people gone insane? I love JD Robb, that series probably tops my list of all time faves. But I’m not desperate enough to read the next installment to pay that much money. Geez!

What would compel you to pay that much for a book?


On a side note, I’m going to include a reminder in every post this week to come back on Saturday for Brianna’s Birthday Contest. Several generous authors have donated prizes for me to give away đŸ˜‰

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