I got a new mommy car last week! Since Josh crashed his Mustang, we had to step up our car hunting and we ended up with this 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. I LOVE it. When we transferred the stroller and baby things from the trunk of the Neon to the back of the Explorer, I was in awe at how much room I had. I took it grocery shopping and that was fun too 😉 I would have shared pictures earlier but it rained all last week so Josh spent Saturday washing and waxing it (like for 5 hours and let’s not talk about the arguements that *might* have caused!)

I will say, we’ve been car shopping off and on since February and then with an intent to buy for the past six weeks. We’ve dealt with more than a few dealerships and salesmen/women. Some of them were downright rude, pushy or didn’t want to budge on ridiculously high asking prices. The dealership we ended up buying this from employed the friendliest people- from salesmen and sales manager to business/finance people. By God, they wanted to sell us a car but they were going to make sure we were happy in the process. I’d buy a car from them again in a heartbeat!

Anyhow, here I am in my new car. Ignore the circles under my eyes 😉

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