Brianna opened presents this evening. Her MiMa and Poppy were here to help celebrate. The present she’s leaning on is a gift from one of the moms on my parenting board (thanks Christi and Alyssa!) and Brianna LOVED the wrapping paper, which was Sesame Street characters. She kept leaning over to kiss Elmo over and over. It was pretty cute.

She made out okay in the present department. My in-laws got her a collapsable tunnel (which she loves) and the Fisher Price Play and Learn House (and for the October mommies out there, I never said a word to them about it- they bought it on their own!) My parents sent a giggle doll, a cd with children’s songs personalized to Brianna, and a soft piano that she has carried all over. They also sent money so we can buy her something. I think we’re going to put it towards a wagon. And we bought Brianna a Rock and Roll Trike. Assembly required for that and the Fisher Price house so we haven’t gotten to test drive those yet. I’m sure pictures will follow!

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