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Josh watches Prison Break. I sometimes pay attention, but only enough so Josh then has to explain to me the other 75% of what is going on. Prison Break showed it’s final episode of the fall season on Monday night. And then showed trailers for the episodes upcoming in March. Yes, the season doesn’t resume for 3 months. But I’m sure you all already knew that since you probably heard my husband as he jumped madly about the living room, waving his arms and screaming “March. Did they just say March?” and rewinding the DVR several times so I could verify for him. The tv executives should be very afraid.


Last night I went out to Barnes and Noble and Wal-mart at 10:30p. It was storming. Thunder and lightening. It’s almost December, for the love of Pete. We were under a tornado watch. But I digress. Not many things could induce me to venture out of the house so late at night, but something(s) did.

The first was Forbidden Magic by Cheyenne McCray. For those who have never read her work, Chey writes some smoking hot erotic romance (I’m sure you all know by now that she’s responsible for the existence of my child. Not soley responsible of course, lol, but she bears some responsibility). She has a wonderful voice and is a fabulous storyteller. I’ve been waiting quite anxiously to buy her first mass market release from St. Martin’s. And I was determined to do it in the first week to help boost that bestseller rating 🙂 So out I tromped to Barnes and Noble at 10:30p last night and promptly located it on one of their main displays. I browsed for a few minutes, but beyond noticing that there seemed to be a lot of horror featured on the main new release paperback display, I didn’t see much of interest.

As I made my way to the cash register, I noticed a display for a “Cops & Kids” book drive. So I asked the cashier about it. She looked at me with a little shock and started stuttering out a reply. I was puzzled by this until we got further into our conversation. Basically, they are asking people to purchase a book to go in donation basket and the local police will then distribute the books to children in need. The cashier showed me some of the classic children’s books they had in hardcover behind the counter (Treasure Island, Black Beauty, etc) and pointed out their bargain price of $5. So I told her to add Treasure Island to my total.

She was stunned speechless for a few seconds. And then she says to me “But I didn’t even have to ask you if you wanted to donate. You asked me about the program. I didn’t even get a chance to tell you about it first. You asked. YOU asked. And you bought a book. Just like that. I have been talking to people about this all day, these people, buying hundreds of dollars of books and dripping with diamonds and they can’t be bothered. This is so sweet. I can’t believe how you just did that.” Poor woman. It seems she had been incredibly demoralized throughout the day at the lack of interest from people in donating a book to “a child who might not otherwise get one” and I was ending her day on a good note.

I don’t deal well with effusive praise and actually, I was feeling guilty that I only added one book so I didn’t do much but smile and shrug. Now, I’m not telling you this story so you all recognize what a wonderful person I am (I expect, if you read my last blog entry, you’ll know that’s not true) but because I was saddened by how surprised and shocked she was by such a small act. I don’t know about where you all live, but on my local news, they’ve been talking about the hits the local charities have taken because people are burnt out and short on extra cash after donating to Hurricane Katrina disaster relief. I have several boxes of items to donate to my local charity, that I saved because I suspected this would be the case, but I hope they can get what they need to help less fortunate families.

Anyhow, I walked out with Forbidden Magic so I was happy. Go buy. Go go go! Oh, and I have to mention that I did notice what a nice fat book it was for the bargain price of 6.99. Not a skimpy category sized book! And it’s got such a pretty cover 😉


But I said I went out for two things. The second was Cherry Cordial Hershey’s Kisses. Oh. My. Gosh. They’re a Hershey Kiss filled with the yummy goodness of cherry cordial cream. Like a chocolate covered cherry but there’s no cherry. They’re fabulous. And they’re limited edition so don’t wait to pick up a bag. If you don’t like them you can send the leftovers to me 😉

While at Wal-mart, I remembered something. 11pm is a nice time for shopping because the store is mostly empty. Mostly. It also seems to be the time the stranger folk choose for shopping (no smart comments from the peanut gallery, please). I couldn’t stand too long in one place pondering any of my choices because there was a gentleman (I use the term loosely) in the store who spotted me during his apparently aimless meanderings through the store and made it his mission to appear, at any location I paused at for longer than 5 seconds, and ask if I was enjoying my shopping trip. Uhh…no. Acquiring a stalker at Wal-mart does not enhance the shopping experience. And that type of behavior rarely nets a guy a date. Just an fyi.

I have a new hobby. Scrapbooking. Not digital scrapbooking either. Real scrapbooking. I don’t have time (no small exaggeration), I can’t afford it (not if I want to pay my mortgage and buy Christmas gifts) and I have no idea what I’m doing. But I went to a scrapbooking crop on Sunday held by one of the moms from my playgroup. I went because I wanted to drink wine and have adult conversation with someone other than my husband and because women I enjoy spending time with were going to be there. I was there only as a scrapbook spectator. I didn’t do a thing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. But I got hooked in to the idea of doing an ABC book for Brianna with pictures from her first year. Because, you see, mommy guilt is a powerful thing and I have mommy guilt that Brianna doesn’t have a scrapbook of pictures and memories. What if something (knock on wood) happens to me. I won’t be here to tell her the details. *sigh* So I’m scrapbooking. A very small 6×6 album. One page per letter. Easy, right? Right? hellooo…why are the scrapbookers out there laughing? Darn you, Erin.

Learning Curve

Megan asks on her blog “what did you learn this weekend?” after posting her own list of things she learned.

Things I learned (well really, I already knew most of these but some were driven home this weekend)

1. My mother-in-law’s house is NOT baby proof.
2. Chasing after a one year old in a not baby proof house full of dangerous items and breakable treasures is an exhausting ordeal.
3. 8pm is not too early to go to bed. Not for the baby or me.
4. I too, can be quite bitchy. Especially when spending the day stopping my daughter from eating superglue and Zicam.
5. I can be even bitchier when hearing the words “she was halfway up the second flight of stairs when I caught her” come from my the mouth of the person who was supposed to be watching ‘her’ while Josh and I ate dinner.
6. It only hurts a little when you bite your tongue. No really, the anger numbs the pain.
7. Working at home is impossible when my husband is home.
8. My husband can and will talk to me about the most inane things, just as I have regained my concentration and am deep in edits.
9. My house can get cluttered and messy in a tenth of the time it takes to clean it again.
10. Brianna is a toddler now, walking, climbing, running and tormenting the cat (and scattering toys from wall to wall in 10 seconds flat which contributes to #9) and it makes me wonder when exactly that happened and how I can slow time down.

So, what did you learn this weekend?

A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton

I have to start with saying A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton is a Signet Regency Romance. The reason I’m starting with that is because regencies are not normally on my TBR pile or found anywhere in my house, so I can’t speak with much authority on how this book compares to other regencies, whether it’s factually accurate or any other number of things a more knowledgeable regency reader might comment on.

As it happens, I’m in a book swap group with Megan and she sent me this book as part of our October book exchange. Because I’ve been reading very little for entertainment, it took me awhile to get to this book (and I passed by the 200 other books still waiting on my TBR bookshelf in favor of reading this one for the particular fact that it IS outside my normal genres).

From the back cover:

For Love Or Money

During the Season, debutantes rush to London to find a man who’ll fill their hearts with love–or their bankbooks with money. The Honorable Titania Stanhope is of the latter category. She simply has no choice–for her father has bequeathed his entire fortune to his mistress. Armed with velvet, dancing slippers, and a firm resolve, Titania heads to do battle in the ballroom in order to vanquish–and marry–a gentleman who can afford to keep her family from ruin.

Edwin Worthington, Earl of Oakley, wants nothing to do with money-grubbing young ladies. He wears scuffed boots and old jackets, allowing Society to regard him as the penniless black sheep of a wealthy family. But in reality he has a fortune–and no plan to marry–until he meets Titania, a woman whose sharp wit and keen mind are rivaled only by her lovely face. Can Edwin let go of his pride in order to follow his heart?

I found A Singular Lady to be an entertaining book. I had no problem settling in to read, despite being not my usual reading tastes, and was thoroughly engaged by both the characers and the story. This is a quick, fun read with likeable primary and secondary characters, an interesting plot that managed to avoid the pitfalls of being too predictable and a unique side-story, with the heroine writing a society column based on her “battle” to land a wealthy husband.

This is Megan’s first book and I would happily read another from her. When can I look forward to another Megan Frampton offering, Megan?

Go forth and read

I was part of a two-part column with four other readers on Romancing the Blog. The first half went up today, the second goes up tomorrow. It’s a discussion on erotic romance, if you’re interested in checking it out.

Romancing The Blog

A little baby haiku

Inspired by my friend Highland Gal, who occasionally has us doing baby haiku on my parenting board. For some reason, I got haiku on the brain this weekend and had to jot it down or go insane in the middle of the night, composing haiku in my head. Feel free to point and laugh 😉

Saving your kisses
For a time in the future
When you turn your head


Amazing blue eyes
Shine with your discoveries
Tell stories of glee


Slippers oh slippers
How you trip that baby up
Nasty evil things


Hey Mike Wazowski
Stop talking in the toy box
You freak the baby out

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