The update is so boring as to not even be worth giving. First off, I was waaaay to young to be in that office. When they weighed me (and their scale had me at a pound lighter than my doctor, so I’m taking today’s weight- of course) they have this digital scale on the floor. And there’s a walker around it to help the patients step up. That was not my first clue that I was too young but it was a big one.

While I was in the waiting room, two older ladies (they had a good 40 years on me) were discussing rap. Apparently, their grandchildren like rap. These ladies maintained that it wasn’t music because you couldn’t hum it. Interesting theory and one I was tempted to disprove (not that I love all rap, but I do appreciate some of it) but I didn’t want to cause any heart palpitations to the ladies 😉

The doctor was lovely, we chatted for awhile, he was quite kicked back. Once he realized I have a degree in a medical field (Occupational Therapy) he went into quite a discourse on genetics (phenomes and genomes and blah blah blah). The skinny is, my genetics MIGHT predispose me to having a heart condition but then again, they might not. It depends on where it’s located in your body (the ‘bad’ gene). If it’s in my lungs, it’s not going to affect my heart. Just like Cystic Fibrosis. You can carry the gene but not in your lungs, in say…your stomach…so you don’t have CF. Confusing much? yeah.

Anyhow, he looked at me, listened to my heart, pronounced the EKG I had at the doc to be “unremarkable” and said I was probably fine. And that I only had 10 more years to worry about it because if I did have something (called Long Q T) then if I haven’t dropped dead by 40, it won’t be a factor anymore. Huh.

I would swear he said he wanted to do an echocardiogram and a stress test to see if either of them showed the Long Q T, but when I checked out, the nurse said no. I don’t think that’s right so I have to call back tomorrow and ask them to double check because I’m sure he said that.

See how boring that appointment was? Hardly even worth talking about. The most exciting thing was weighing a pound less than the scale said on Friday. I don’t have a scale at home so doctor appointments are my only time I weigh and so that’s the highlight for me!

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and support and well-wishes, both in the comments and in private. It really meant a lot to me to know how many people were concerned for me.

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