I haven’t been in a bookstore since…last weekend. But I haven’t bought a book in a bookstore in months. I actually can’t remember the last book I bought in the store. It’s been quite a while. I’ve been getting a lot of books from Paperback Swap and they’ve all been going to my TBR shelf, I’ve just been too busy with reading for work to do a lot of recreational reading.

So tonight, I asked Josh if we could stop at the big Barnes and Noble so I could buy Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn. It’s been on my wishlist since August (yes, well before it’s release date) and I’ve seen some great reviews of it so I decided to splurge and get it. It was actually displayed at the very front of the store, on their main display with the new releases of paperbacks and hardcovers so I walked right to it and picked it up. I was surprised by how thin it seemed- no thicker than a category book, so I flipped it over to check the price. 6.99. They wanted 6.99 for a book the size of a category. Holy sheep! I glanced to see how many pages it was, I thought it was around 250 but Amazon has it listed at 288 (at least 10 of that is cover page, etc and there might be a teaser at the end). Regardless, $6.99 is a ridiculous price for a book this size. I didn’t buy it. I just couldn’t justify spending seven dollars on such a small book when I have several hundred waiting to be read. I didn’t feel it was good value for my money. So, regretfully, I put it back.

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown was sitting right next to it, and for comparison, I picked it up and checked the price. 7.99. But this book is fat- Amazon says 608 pages and the print was smaller than in Kitty in the Midnight Hour. So, for one dollar raise in price, I get more than twice the story. Hmm…

Continuing on with my sleuthing, ut of curiousity, when I came home I went to my TBR shelf and chose a random category book. Since the only categories I own are Silhouette Bombshells, I ended up grabbing Parallel Lies by Kate Donovan. 291 pages (Amazon says 304 but all that extra stuff, you know). So, longer than Kitty and the Midnight Hour. And the price? $4.99. Two dollars cheaper than Kitty, yet a longer book. Hmmm….

So I’m forced to ask, why is it the publisher thinks I should pay so much more for Kitty and the Midnight Hour? I understand the book is supposed to be great, but that’s still not very much bang for my buck. And I’m poor right now, so I need lots of bang.

Any thoughts on the high book price? I’d love to hear some theories.

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