I have to start with saying A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton is a Signet Regency Romance. The reason I’m starting with that is because regencies are not normally on my TBR pile or found anywhere in my house, so I can’t speak with much authority on how this book compares to other regencies, whether it’s factually accurate or any other number of things a more knowledgeable regency reader might comment on.

As it happens, I’m in a book swap group with Megan and she sent me this book as part of our October book exchange. Because I’ve been reading very little for entertainment, it took me awhile to get to this book (and I passed by the 200 other books still waiting on my TBR bookshelf in favor of reading this one for the particular fact that it IS outside my normal genres).

From the back cover:

For Love Or Money

During the Season, debutantes rush to London to find a man who’ll fill their hearts with love–or their bankbooks with money. The Honorable Titania Stanhope is of the latter category. She simply has no choice–for her father has bequeathed his entire fortune to his mistress. Armed with velvet, dancing slippers, and a firm resolve, Titania heads to do battle in the ballroom in order to vanquish–and marry–a gentleman who can afford to keep her family from ruin.

Edwin Worthington, Earl of Oakley, wants nothing to do with money-grubbing young ladies. He wears scuffed boots and old jackets, allowing Society to regard him as the penniless black sheep of a wealthy family. But in reality he has a fortune–and no plan to marry–until he meets Titania, a woman whose sharp wit and keen mind are rivaled only by her lovely face. Can Edwin let go of his pride in order to follow his heart?

I found A Singular Lady to be an entertaining book. I had no problem settling in to read, despite being not my usual reading tastes, and was thoroughly engaged by both the characers and the story. This is a quick, fun read with likeable primary and secondary characters, an interesting plot that managed to avoid the pitfalls of being too predictable and a unique side-story, with the heroine writing a society column based on her “battle” to land a wealthy husband.

This is Megan’s first book and I would happily read another from her. When can I look forward to another Megan Frampton offering, Megan?

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