Megan asks on her blog “what did you learn this weekend?” after posting her own list of things she learned.

Things I learned (well really, I already knew most of these but some were driven home this weekend)

1. My mother-in-law’s house is NOT baby proof.
2. Chasing after a one year old in a not baby proof house full of dangerous items and breakable treasures is an exhausting ordeal.
3. 8pm is not too early to go to bed. Not for the baby or me.
4. I too, can be quite bitchy. Especially when spending the day stopping my daughter from eating superglue and Zicam.
5. I can be even bitchier when hearing the words “she was halfway up the second flight of stairs when I caught her” come from my the mouth of the person who was supposed to be watching ‘her’ while Josh and I ate dinner.
6. It only hurts a little when you bite your tongue. No really, the anger numbs the pain.
7. Working at home is impossible when my husband is home.
8. My husband can and will talk to me about the most inane things, just as I have regained my concentration and am deep in edits.
9. My house can get cluttered and messy in a tenth of the time it takes to clean it again.
10. Brianna is a toddler now, walking, climbing, running and tormenting the cat (and scattering toys from wall to wall in 10 seconds flat which contributes to #9) and it makes me wonder when exactly that happened and how I can slow time down.

So, what did you learn this weekend?

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