Never let it be said that I’m above doing a little gloating!

Today I recieved in the mail, from Dorchester, an ARC copy of Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu. It’s the follow-up book to her debut novel, Tiger Eye. I enjoyed Tiger Eye and have been looking forward to Marjorie’s next release.

I know she had one since then- A Taste of Crimson, but if I’m being honest, that book has sat on my bookshelf since late July. I read the first in the series, Crimson City by Liz Maverick and didn’t particularly care for it. Add in the fact that there’s an author I don’t particularly care for who writes one of the later books in the series and I was kind of turned off the whole she-bang. I’m a series slut so it’s hard for me to read books in a series and know I’m not going to read the whole series. Yes, it’s an odd thing and I will eventually overcome it to read Marjorie’s book.

But now, I have in my hot little hands a copy of Shadow Touch, which isn’t due to be released until January 31st. Tee hee hee. I’m a member of Marjorie Liu’s newsletter and Dorchester is doing a word of mouth promotional scheme. So, I filled out a survey and was chosen to get one of the books to create some buzz. It might not have been their intention that I blog about their promo idea, but hey, it’s promo too, right?

But really, I just have this outright thrill at getting a sneak peek of the book, and since I’ve been looking forward to it, that makes it all the sweeter. And it doesn’t hurt that Marjorie did something kind for a friend of mine this past summer and so I think rather highly of her. Oh, and did I mention she’s gorgeous and talented so I kind of hate her too? Okay, not really, but geez, talented, young, beautiful and nice to boot. It is enough to make one want to post a picture of her and draw horns and a mustache on it! Hmmm…

Anyhow, stay tuned for my blog review. I mean, don’t be checking every 15 minutes or anything because I guarantee it won’t be tomorrow (or even Monday) but don’t forget to come back and find out how I liked it. Of course, you can come back and read my other entries, too, while you’re waiting. Just saying.

In the meantime, the book description:

Elena Baxter can work miracles with her hands. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the mind. She has been doing such work for almost all of her twenty-eight years. That is why she will be taken.
The media called it a rampage of terror, the recent murders. But fighting crime is why Artur Loginov joined Dirk & Steele. The international detective agency specializes in the impossible, and their creed is simple: Help those in need, no matter how difficult, and no matter what, keep the secret safe. For the agency helps its employees, too; people like Artur — the gifted, the tormented. Dirk & Steele gave the Russian emigre purpose, protection, community…and refuge from his past, for who can trust a man who can start a fire with his mind, or shape-shift, or read others’ thoughts as easily as drawing breath? For his similar talent, Artur will be taken.

Into the darkness Elena and Artur will be drawn, into the clutches of evil. Cornered, isolated, caged, they will fight for their very souls. But salvation awaits. it exists in a form least expected: a dream of a face, a brush of a mind, the hint of a kiss, and finally, at long last, a SHADOW TOUCH.

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