I got a phone call today as a reminder. My echocardiogram and stress test are scheduled tomorrow for eight in the morning. I have the mother-in-law all lined up to babysit and I haven’t thought too much about it. And then they called.

Very pleasant lady and she says the echo is for eight, the stress test is for nine. I ask her how long the stress test will take (because I, in reality, know nothing about these tests).

She says. “Oh, about as long as you can run on the treadmill.”



“I’m sorry… What?”

“Yep, it takes as long as it takes. Most people run for about 45 minutes. You should probably be done by ten or so.”

“Well, yippee. I sure AM looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Can’t wait! Running. On the treadmill. And for 45 minutes? Fabulous.”

Sound of laughter. More laughter.

I think I made her day. Couldn’t she have returned the favor by yelling “April Fools?”

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