Yes, it’s been a week since my last post. I’ve been busy learning though!

1. Blog entries only count if you actually finish and then Publish them.

2. Social engagements breed social engagements: I can have nothing to do for weeks, but let me schedule one thing and two more things will pop up in the same week.

3. I’m either too old or too tired to go out two nights in a row.

4. 62 year-old male go-go dancers who shake their booty and proclaim they’re wearing a ring worth 20,000 dollars are amusing, but not as amusing as watching Erin get attacked by the bar nut. (picture Mini-Me dry humping Austin Powers’ leg…ahahahaha)

5. A christmas tree can take a week to assemble.

6. Shan starts to swear if she thinks her tenants snagged the box Mel sent her with cookies and fudge. Oh to have a hidden camera…

7. Just when you want your child to be their most adorable (like when you take them to the house of a friend who doesn’t have children to have their pictures taken) they will sense this and act as if possessed. No really, my child’s head doesn’t normally spin 360 degrees.

8. Murphy’s Law is always in effect: Just when you are needing an immediate response to an email you sent, the server will hold that response and send it to you nine hours later.

9. I get a lot of work done when the parenting board I belong to is broken for 5 days. A lot of work.

10. My daughter loves Elmo. His name is one of the few words she says. And I just found out she sings the “Elmo’s World” song. Did I mention she’s only 14 months old? And she really doesn’t see that much tv. But she does have three Elmo books.

11. My husband is convinced our fireplace is the magic sex machine. Light it and I will come.

12. JR Ward is one of the nicest damn people ever.

13. I weighed 1.62 pounds less at the cardiologist’s office than I did 3 weeks ago. Their scale measures to the one-hundredth πŸ˜›

14. You do NOT have to run for 45 minutes on the treadmill when doing a stress test. Only as long as it takes to get to your target heart rate (220 minus your age). This is incredibly hard for people my age to do, since it’s a high number. I got to 92% in about 20 minutes

15. After walking hard on the treadmill for 20 minutes to drive your heart rate up, if they stop the machine suddenly, your blood pressure will plummet. It will make you feel faint and quite nauseous.

16. I will wait until the last minute to send gift exchange items and Christmas cards.

17. I don’t have the Christmas spirit. Can someone help me find it?

18. When I’m bored, I hit Send/Receive on my email a lot, instead of doing something productive.

19. Planning on attending a morning playdate will ensure that my daughter wakes early and needs to nap early, thus making attending impossible.

20. Despite all statements of her orneriness, I have the cutest daughter IN THE WORLD. Proof below.

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