I know I’m not the only one who does this, but I wonder if I do it more often than most people because I have a hot temper and a nasty sense of sarcasm. I bite my tongue- a lot- to keep from starting a war of words that can only turn ugly and cause hurt feelings. I know it’s like the high road type of thing, but you know, there are times when I wish the high road was just a little easier to travel.

Since I have people from all aspects of my life who read my blog, I know at least several of you are running through recent events and wondering if that’s what I’m talking about. Just to clarify, so as not to cause any hurt feelings, unless you live within a 60 mile radius of me, it doesn’t apply to you.

With that said, I just need to release some tension so I’m going to say here, what I can’t say elsewhere – you can come down from your high horse any time, and when you do? Bite me.

I feel better now. Anyone else want to send a special message to someone about something you’ve been biting your tongue about? Go ahead 😉

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