And I even asked for it!

This blog, I talk too much, is one of my guilty pleasures. I visit every day to see whose dreams of blogging greatness they’re crushing now. People submit their own blogs for these bitches (no, I’m not calling them names, they refer to themselves as such) to review and tear apart.

***WARNING*** I talk too much is not for those easily offended by off-color language as I know some of you are.

Ratings are done in smacks. Anywhere from no smacks to five smacks. No smacks is bad and probably causes people to cry. Five smacks is worthy of a happy dance around the living room.

I got three, which was enough to make me stop sweating 😉

Your ankle-biter needs a haircut. But she IS gorgeous. I want one. (Wait a minute, I have one. Where the fuck did she go?)

I find the spacing on the font makes it a bit difficult to read, but it’s a very minor point and the only criticism I have to make of the design.

The empty “links of interest” list on the sidebar made me laugh. (At you, not with you.)

Unfortunately this is yet another blog that mostly falls into the “meh” category. I’m sure her friends find it interesting, but I really, really didn’t.

Mr British Bitch says: “What did I learn this weekend? I learned that I’ll never get that twenty minutes of my life back.”

For the record, I know Brianna needs a haircut, but I’ve found myself oddly reluctant to cut it. I’m a sap that way. And she refuses to wear anything in her hair, like barrettes, so…shaggy dog look until I get over my first time mommy fear of the first haircut.

And I have attempted to put something in that damn Links of Interest section several times but the pictures are never sized right…oh wait, isn’t Paperback Swap there now? I’ll have to work on adding more.

And British Bitch is not the first to complain about the font size so I’m going to have to work on changing that, if I can.

There, you have it! I was smacked and it wasn’t too painful (although the comments are much less flattering, but still entertaining). I’m really glad I didn’t get no smacks. That would’ve sucked.

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