I finished my first book of 2006 last night. I read Sit, Stay, Slay by Linda O. Johnston. I’d originally gotten this book from Paperback Swap after I saw Nicole’s review of it last year. It’s been on my short stack of TBR (that would be the stack of 3 books that I choose from) for a few weeks. When I saw Nicole mention it again in her Best of list for 2005, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did.

The blurb:

Canned from her L.A. law firm, Kendra Ballantyne is now a freelance pet-sitter. When her clients start getting knocked off one by one, Kendra fears she’s being set up. Aided by sexy detective Jeff Hubbard, she’s got to find out why, and fast. This killer’s animal instincts are downright dangerous.

This was a fun read, cute and not too annoying as amateur mysteries can sometimes be. I found that I enjoyed Kendra’s character…she seemed a little more real, with believable flaws and issues. I also found the storyline to be plausible, there was no improbable solving of the crime or miraculous discoveries. And it was fun to read a mystery featuring a heroine with an unusual job. The relationship between Kendra and Jeff is not at the forefront of the book, although it is a sub-plot and promises to be entertaining.

This is the first in a series and I will be getting the next one, because of the way the author moved the story along, it gives the next book a good chance of having another unique, but plausible, story line. Recommended for those who enjoy amateur mysteries with a hint of romance.

Next up:

I have three possible books in my short stack for the TBR Challenge:

Public Displays of Affection by Susan Donovan
In Your Wildest Dreams by Toni Blake
Undressed by Stef Ann Holm

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