And just when I’m ready to settle in for a good sulk, optimism has a way of reasserting itself. Dang it, don’t you hate it when that happens? It’s like when I was little and soooo mad at my dad and he’d say “don’t smile…oh, I think I see the corners of your mouth turning up but don’t do it! Don’t smile!” And dammit, he’d get me every time, I’d end up smiling. Grrr. I hated that. I wanted to be mad. I was mad! But I smiled. Ha. That memory made me laugh.

So yeah, it’s morning (early again!) and I feel marginally more rested but not as cranky (still some residual but nothing melodramatic like last night) and I’m ready to be productive today. Thanks to those who left comments over the night, Sybil, you didn’t miss anything! Sam–I forgot about that broken arm. When will it be fully healed? And “Anyonymous” things sound tough right now. I’m sorry you’re feeling how you are. No easy solution for you 🙁 Maybe you should start a blog!

In happy news, Samhain Publishing has moved up its February release schedule due to high reader interest. Shiloh Walker’s book, The Huntress, is now available for purchase (for those who follow her work, this is the prequel to her Hunters series). Next Tuesday, Jan.17th, Michelle M. Pillow’s Realm Immortal: King of the Unblessed, Jan. 24th The Gripping Beast by Charlene Teglia and Jan. 31st Reality Check by Elisa Adams. I hope you’ll take a moment to check them out, starting with The Huntress today!

So…onward and forward with the day! I have an RTB column scheduled to release this week that needs polishing as well as books to work on! Not to mention a daughter that needs lots of mommy love 😉

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