That a column on reviews would spawn so many comments. Although, I must say it’s gratifying to have my last RTB column be one that generates so much discussion and so many spin-off blogs (links to be posted at the bottom of this post). Whoo! And yes, that’s my not-so-subtle way of saying I resigned as a RTB columnist yesterday morning. Nothing dramatic, if you’re wondering. But I’ve found it difficult to write a topic I consider “edgy”, interesting, and pertinent to readers and authors while staying true to my professional beliefs. Working as an editor for an up and coming publisher (Samhain), I don’t want anyone to misconstrue my opinions as theirs. I see myself as a representative of the company–whether it’s on RTB or in a bar at a conference. I believe that because I’m associated with them, some people could percieve what I say about the industry as being associated with them. So, I did what I felt was the right thing to do, and resigned. No one told me I had to or even suggested I should do it, it’s what I felt necessary.

It does limit me on my own blog, of course. But it still leaves me with Brianna, life and books I’ve read. Hopefully no one will fall asleep while reading, lol!

But this RTB post, which several of you have made me smile by keeping track of the comment count for me, here in my own comments (76 right now, lol) has, as I said, generated quite a few spin-off posts. I’m going to try to post most of them here, for anyone who cares to read them:

Highly amusing, on Karen Scott’s blog, she and Mary Janice Davidson exchange some quips and her post amassed its own impressive collection of comments, which just goes to show that Karen should rule the world 😉

Dakota Cassidy enters the fray (usually she’s the first one to shutup, but I hear she misses R)

Alison Kent posed a related question

HelenKay threw in her thoughts on the whole shebang and stated it with flair.

Jay of Yapaway Jay has her own opinion on reviews.

Shiloh Walker wants to know what makes a reader buy a book.

Tara Marie wonders who does use Amazon reviews.

Alyssa comments on reviewing from her perspective.

Karen Templeton is shaking her head.

If I missed anyone in my round-up, I humbly apologize! But gee, I was inspiring yesterday. Who knew?

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