I did something different this weekend. I joined my local Y. I have said that my resolution for the year is to look good in a bikini. I never make resolutions, mostly because I know I’m not likely to keep them. But this is a goal I wanted to stick to. I know I should say I want to exercise for my health, so I can keep up with my daughter and so I feel in shape, and all of those reasons are motivators but…vanity is better, lol.

Last week my local Y was waiving their $100 capitol development fee so it was a good time to join. Several moms from my playgroup have said they’d be interested in working out together and it’s always easier to work out together so I decided to go for it. I went and took a tour of the Y on Saturday and planned to start exercising today.

So last night, knowing how easily I can procrastinate something, I got Brianna’s diaper bag and my “gym bag” all ready. Clothes, shower necessities, etc. I laid out the clothes I was going to work out in. All I’d need to do in the morning was get us both dressed after breakfast, get in the truck and go. Ha. Ha. Ha. I came up with all sorts of excuses for not going. I had work to do (this is true, but that will always be the case), I was tired because Brianna hasn’t been sleeping well ( also true but who knows when that will change), Brianna has been experience separation anxiety lately when I just go upstairs so she might be too upset to be left with strangers, which I’ve never done before (also true, but more truthful is I was anxious about leaving her).

I was still talking myself out of going as I walked out of the house a half hour after my intended departure time. And then, it seemed a clear sign when we got there…and the babysitting services were full. Duh me. It’s a school holiday. It’s Martin Luther King’s day, to be exact. Of course the babysitting services are full. But the ladies told me I could wait in the lobby outside the room and I’d be first up when another child left. *sigh* I waited a half hour. How’s that for determination? All the while telling myself I could just go home and try again another day. And that Brianna would be too upset to stay there. And again I say HA! When we finally got in to the babysitting area, she took off, found me a stuffed bear, brought it back for me (can we all say “awww”) and then was gone, never looking back. Damn it šŸ˜‰

Out of excuses, I went and tortured myself on the stair stepper for 20 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but after the first five minutes I was saying, “This sucks!” and was ready to quit. But I’m nothing, if not determined and I stuck out the 2o minutes. I didn’t cheat at all. And actually, after the first five, the rest weren’t as bad. Push through the pain. I did a few laps walking around the track, to cool down and off I went to collect my daughter. Did you notice a step missing in there? Yes, I had all of my shower stuff with me, I even have an upgraded membership so I can use the Health Club locker room (adults only) but I rationalized that I’d forgotten flip-flops so I couldn’t’ shower (so not walking in bare feet–ewww) and besides, I didn’t know how Brianna was doing.

How Brianna was doing? Did she even notice I was gone? I don’t think so. She didn’t even notice my presence until I spoke directly to her, at which point she came running (quite gratifying, actually).

And there you have it. My first exercise experience of the new year. My perseverance in actually getting out the door and waiting to exercise deserves some props, don’t you think? Hopefully Wednesday will go more smoothly!

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