Yesterday I got an IM from a friend, regarding the Preditors & Editors poll. She wondered if I’d ever heard of a book called Laser Kill by Robert N. Lee. As it happened, I hadn’t. She had just voted in the poll, for her favorite book, and saw that Laser Kill was number one in that category (science fiction novel). Hoping that she wasn’t wasting her time by voting for her favorite book (I didn’t ask what that was) she did some research and couldn’t find Laser Kill anywhere.

This morning, I decided to take a peek. Sure enough, there’s Laser Kill on the top of the poll. It has a “website” and says it’s published by Publish America. However, a search of Publish America, Amazon, Google, etc turns up…nothing. Not a thing. Odd for a book that’s “the best” in its category. And how hard must it be to sell a book that’s not available to buy anywhere. Not even on its own website.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

On Jaynie’s blog last week, I commented on how sadly worthless the Preditor & Editor poll has become. People cheat. They sign up for multiple emails, have their friends do the same and “win”. And no, it’s not only authors that I’m speaking of. Last year a Senior Editor of an epublisher sent out emails, encouraging everyone to do this very thing and badmouthing the competition. Now that’s professional.

So, I’m thinking someone has set out to prove that the poll is easily and unfairly rigged. It’s sad, really, because it may be that some of the winners really do deserve their win. But they’ve been tainted by the people who seem willing to take the glory of a win however they can get it. Even if it’s by their own machinations.

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