Title: Code Name: Princess

Author: Christina Skye

Year published: 2004

Why did you get this book?I’ve always enjoyed Christina Skye, both as a historical and a contemporary writer. Although I do wish she’d return to Draycott Abbey and do a few more books there!

Do you like the cover? It’s just okay, nothing special.

Did you enjoy the book?I did enjoy the book, which kind of surprised me. But the story was, while not full of hidden depths or anything, entertaining and it didn’t suck. And boy does that feel like high praise from me right now. If you’re looking for a more critical review of this book, you’ll have to find it written by someone who’s brain isn’t fried.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? As previously mentioned, she’s not new to me and yes, I will continue to read her books. In fact, I have Code Name: Baby and I’ll probably read that soon.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing it on. While I liked it, I wouldn’t term it a keeper, although I do have a collection of her books.

Anything else? I think at least two other people have run across this during the challenge, but this book turned out to be more romantic suspense although it was marketed as contemporary romance. What’s up with that trend?

Also, I’m just impressed I finished a non-work book. Yay me! The TBR challenge is a good thing.

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