Can you believe January is half over? I can’t! I swear, I need 24 more hours in each day. But I did complete the TBR challenge for January and we have a few more participants who also met the challenge. Including Suisan who hated just about every moment. I tried to tell her the point of a TBR challenge isn’t to induce pain, but I don’t think she listened.

So far, we have 12 of 26 participants who’ve completed the challenge. Not quite 50% of the participants completed. And uh…none of the authors who said they wanted to participate have done the challenge yet. Only the first month and already they’ve given up πŸ˜‰

CindyS wrote a rather humerous blog about Standing in Shadows by Shannon McKenna. Uh…she didn’t like it. To put it mildly.

Others completed since the last update:

Lisalia read Rachel Gibson

ReneeW read Her Bodyguard by Michelle Jerott

Bree completed It Happened in South Beach by Jennie Klassel

Rosario read Sparkling One by Susan Mallery

Samantha Winston read Tarnished Dreams by Trisha McGill

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