I blogged a few weeks ago about the pilot episode of The Book of Daniel and how much I’ve been enjoying the show. Everyone I know who’s watched has enjoyed it. Well, after only three episodes it’s been cancelled. You can see the full story here.

Laurie of Laurie Likes Books wrote an excellent blog today about this show and its cancellation. I’m not going to be as eloquent. I’m feeling mean and bitter so I’m going to be blunt. If you’ve never seen a show, walked in someone’s shoes or read a book, you have no business speaking out against it or them. None. I like to thing God can be more tolerant and accepting of people. Including acceptance of idiots like those of you who boycotted the show without knowing anything about it because you never saw one episode. Or left reviews of a book you’ve never read. Or condemned someone for a lifestyle you don’t understand. The people who have time to do things like that? Probably would be better off spending their time attending to their own lives.

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