Yes, I can hear many of you saying WTF? Not only is there a book actually called this, but I actually read it last night. And I guess we could say it counts as meeting the February TBR challenge but…uh…I’m not going to count it because it was just. that. bad.

I know you’re asking why I was in possession of The Sicilian’s Defiant Mistress to begin with and my answer is…it’s a long story. Some of you may remember that I don’t read category romances (with the exception of Bombshells) but I wanted a quick read last night and this was on my bookshelf. So I grabbed it and took it to bed with me. I think I’m scarred for life. I do know I won’t be picking up another Harlequin Presents anytime ever.

I read this book in an hour, and although I’m a speed reader, this did involve some skimming. Despite the skimming, I still managed to mentally proof the book as I went along and catch the multiple grammatical errors. What’s up with that Harlequin?

I didn’t care for anything about this book. The heroine (formarly the hero’s mistress of 2 1/2 years) is described as being a tough, unemotional, strong ballbuster. In reality she’s a spineless, weepy, indecisive, emotionally dependant idiot. The entire book consists of her being angry, thinking she has to be stronger, not give in to him and blah blah blah. What does she do immediately after thinking these things? Gives in. Repeatedly. This guy walked all over her, he stomped her into the ground and supposedly pulverized her heart and she just keeps coming back for more. I would have shouted at her to grow a freaking spine but Josh was asleep and really, talking to books never seems to do any good.

The hero? You want to call someone an alpha asshole? Pick up this book. He’s got all the bases covered. And then does the sudden redeeming scene in the last five pages of the book where he loves her, he’s sorry, he wants to marry her, there were reasons for his horrible treatment of her for the past three years (boring plot devices like having a wife in a coma for the last ten years and his feelings of guilt and being afraid of how much he really wanted to spend time with her but didn’t because he was afraid or something. *gag* Uh, sorry if I spoiled it for anyone planning on reading the book). Of course, the wife has conveniently died in the six months since he left his mistress (and oh, he had guilt and other reasons for leaving) but has he bothered to contact her? Uh no. And yet, his thoughts and actions and emotions have been consumed by her. *cough*bullshit*cough*

So the book ends happily ever after and on a positive note, I have my feelings of not wanting to buy or read Harlequin Presents happily reconfirmed. All is well in my world.

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