This morning I woke up feeling kind of cranky and grumpy. Jaci mentioned in our morning chat how quiet I was being and really, I was just feeling off and couldn’t shake it. Part of it was stress at my own to-do list for the week, things I need to get done editing-wise. Part of it was thinking about paying bills and managing finances. And part of it was just plain mommy-stress. Most weekends, I feel like I get enough time away from Brianna because Josh will watch her, but this weekend, for some reason I didn’t feel that. I felt like I’d still spent much of the weekend with her latched to me, and that’s a bad way for a work-at-home-mom to start a Monday, because it doesn’t give me renewed patience.

Add in the fact that my laptop needs to be sent in for repair, and I’m wondering how I’m going to fit that into my work schedule and still keep up with deadlines, and I was cranky to start the day. Then, during Brianna’s breakfast, I sliced my finger open on a yogurt lid. OW!

I figured the day could only look up and naptime (Brianna’s naptime, not mine. I’m not that lucky) couldn’t come soon enough. Unfortunately, my (bad) luck held and she only napped for just over an hour, instead of the 2 hours she needs and the three hours she often takes. *sigh* I soldiered on. And then…

She got her foot stuck between the couch and the window while she was climbing around. And after I got her calmed down (she screamed and screamed) and nursed her (she never nurses during the day, so she was clearly in pain), she got down to run after the cat and promptly collapsed in a little pile on the floor. But she’s a trooper and up she got to try again. And down she went. Red flag! I immediately called the pediatrician’s office, who instructed me to call the orthopedist directly. The oh-so-intelligent woman who schedules appointments at the orthopedist’s office, upon hearing my 15 month old daughter has injured her foot, can’t walk and is screaming in pain(yes, I included all this information and Brianna provided the soundtrack) asked me if a Friday appointment would be okay?

Well, gee, let me think for a minute. 15 month old daughter. Injured foot. Can’t walk. In pain. Screaming. Hmmm… Um. NO! ****twat. So she asks me in an astonished voice “Oh, you wanted to come in TODAY?” Gee, no, I thought I’d let my daughter walk around on a potentially fractured foot for five days. Meanwhile, it’s 1:56pm, she finally says she has a 2:30pm appointment but we have to be there at 2:15p. I agree, as I’m standing in the middle of the kitchen with my sweats on, no make-up, hair not brushed. And have you EVER tried to leave the house in a rush with a toddler and make sure you have everything you need? Bah. I made it there. Only four minutes late 🙂

The good news, after a visit with an orthopedist and 2 x-rays, is that it seems to be a bad bruise, although we’re to watch her and then bring her back for a cast if it’s not better by Wednesday. Although the doctor thought it was possible (but highly unlikely) that she could have a “toddler fracture” (I guess toddlers have an extra layer of fascia which makes seeing the whole bone on x-ray impossible, and also makes them able to ignore some of the pain of a fracture) he was reluctant to cast her without reason, since a cast, even for just the 2 weeks he was thinking, would make life difficult and uncomfortable for us all. I agreed.

The bad news? Remember how I started this blog discussing how stressed I felt, because Brianna was clingy. Well, imagine how much more clingy she is now, with the pain of her foot added in. She wants to comfort nurse frequently and is only amused by her normal entertainments for short periods of time. And remember those work deadlines I was stressing about? Any guesses on how much I’ve gotten done today to meet those? *sigh*

So, I’m here, I’m working when I can, comforting and distracting my child and wondering if it’s too early to have a drink, a hot bath and go to bed. Why do these things always seem to happen on a Monday?

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