This week has been a comedy of errors. Okay, not all of them are comedic but if I don’t laugh about it, I’m likely to go curl up in a ball under the chaise with my daughter (and I don’t fit, so that would be not only pathetic but just plain uncomfortable). I’m not going to list everything here for you because I don’t think any of you have time for that but I’ve had one of those weeks where anything that could go wrong, pretty much has (which I’ll admit is a slight exaggeration, but I’m only admitting to slight. No more.)

And just when I think I’ve finally reached a point this morning where nothing else could happen, my daughter does something like oh…stick a plastic cap up her nose and then run to me because, duh, she can’t get it out. Let me repeat that. She stuck. The cap. In her nose. Waaaah. And after that, I find out I’ve sent an author the wrong file. Because I’m a dumbass and working on this desktop and having screwed up email is messing with my head. And then I realize it’s Friday (I honest to God thought it was Thursday) and I haven’t been to workout ONE TIME this week. Which is sad, because I love working out. I just don’t love trying to workout in the small window of time that it works into Brianna’s schedule and the babysitting services hours. *sigh*

I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate this week. God bless my mother-in-law for that bag of caramal filled Hershey kisses she included in “Brianna’s” Valentine’s Day gift. I needed them. Chocolate for breakfast is so lovely. I’ll just work all those kisses off my thighs…uh…soon. Just as soon as I’m confident my bad karma this week won’t result in me getting hit by a bus as soon as I step out the door (nevermind the fact that no buses drive past my house. I’m sure they would just to get me!)

Is this week over yet? Anyone got a fat lady they can send my way for just a few moments of song?

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