Squeeeee…a couple weeks ago Jaci got a new purse and dammit, I was jealous (I really love that purse she got). I’ve been searching for the perfect purse for awhile but haven’t found anything in my price range (the purse she bought is soo not in my price range). So I did some serious shopping and I found a purse that I fell instantly in love with. I had to have this purse and today, it came in the mail. *jumping up and down* and it is so freaking beautiful I want to love it and cuddle it and call it George. It’s absolutely perfect for me, pink and just the right size to hold a diaper, a wipes holder and some assorted crap, but it’s not so big that I look like I’m hauling around a diaper bag or a huge tote. Have I mentioned how much I love this purse? I do, I really do. And lucky for you, my blog readers, I’m going to share pictures so you too can have lust in your hearts! Oh, and M? Thanks for singing 🙂 I think it did the trick!

Shown here sitting on the dustbag that came with it. Ha! As if I won’t be using the purse. It won’t have time to sit in the dustbag.

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