two more stories from our adventures yesterday. Really, my entire week has been one long story and she’s done something every day to contribute to that. It’s like some sudden signal went off in her head and she’s got to get into everything. *sigh*

Yesterday morning, Josh was on the couch with Brianna, watching tv, and she was eating animal crackers. She started sneezing and he was hollering because she was getting animal cracker goo all over him. And she wouldn’t stop sneezing so there was animal cracker guts flying everywhere. I went in to clean them both up and imagine my shock when I wiped Brianna’s face, blue stuff came out of her nose. It seems she’d shoved a few little balls of wadded up blue paper in her nose and that’s what was making her sneeze, her body trying to get it out Clearly the girl has an obsession with her nose right now.

And in the continuing saga of the animal cracker’s did it…

We went to Target and while I stopped and got a cherry icee, Josh took Brianna to the car and put her in her carseat. We were driving across the street to Sam’s Club and he’s talking about how this one last animal cracker she had in her hand (yeah, she eats a lot of animal crackers) was making a huge mess and when he’d put her in her carseat, she was getting it everywhere. By this time (it’s a 5 minute trip across the street) we’re looking for a parking spot at Sam’s and I’m looking in my wallet for my card and I hear Brianna behind me going “HI! HI!” so I say hi back but don’t look up. And then….

Her little head popped over the center console and around to peer into my face! (we’re in the Explorer, so she can stand up on the floor of the backseat) She wasn’t buckled in!!! OMG. My heart stopped and I was like…umm…Josh? He must have lost all the blood in his head because he turned so white. Claims the damn animal cracker must have distracted him and he forgot to buckle her in. Oh my. I was praying no one saw us driving in that parking lot with our child standing behind me. I made him park IMMEDIATELY! Yikes!

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