I know quite a few of you have posted in the comments or emailed me that you’ve completed the challenge. Because I can’t use the laptop, I’m all out of sorts and was hoping to update the sidebar all at once when I could get access to the emails. But it doesn’t look like that will happen for a few more days. So if you’ve emailed me the link to your TBR challenge, please post the link again in the comments here. If you left it in the TBR challenge comments, that’s cool because those are easy to get to 🙂

If you’re participating and were depending on me to find the link by reading your blog, help me out by posting the link here, because it’s easier if they’re all in one place. My blog is big enough now that re-publishing it isn’t as quick as it used to be. So if I can make multiple changes to the template at once, it’s easier for me! Thanks.

Tomorrow is the 20th, so if you’re participating in the challenge, remember February is a short month so there’s only a week left to complete the challenge. This month we had thirty-eight participants, which really amazes me. I don’t think even half have completed yet, so get those books read!

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