Josh is a huge fan of the show 24. I don’t watch much tv and this is a series I don’t pay great attention to, usually I read or work while Josh is watching. Tonight, he was watching the episode he recorded on DVR last night and he makes a comment to me about the show. For those who are unfamiliar with it, actor Sean Astin plays a role in this season. If you don’t know who Sean Astin is, the conversation is not going to be at all amusing to you so carry on.

The following conversation takes place between him in the living room and me in the dining room:

Him: Jack has to find a way to take Curtis out.

Me: Curtis? He has to take Curtis out? Why does he have to take Curtis out?

Him: Because Samwise Gamgee told Curtis to bring Jack in.

Me: Samwise Gamgee? Bwahahahaha….

….bwahahaha…Samwise Gamgee…. *snort-giggle*…

Him: What? That’s who he is!

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