Let me just start by saying that it’s clear, with the arrival of her 16th month birthday *snort* today, that we have entered the terrible-twos. I know many of you are saying it’s too early and to that I say…HA! You clearly haven’t met my daughter.

So, to catch you up on the continuing saga of life with Brianna we turn to yesterday morning…

My girl, being her mommy’s daughter, spots a Dale Jr. toy car on the baker’s rack in the sunroom. Being her father’s daughter, she plans her attack carefully, taking a breakfast tray, pushing it across the floor to the baker’s rack and stepping up on it. Sadly, being once again her mommy’s daughter, she has poor depth perception, misjudges the distance and falls, bashing her head against the baker’s rack. All in the pursuit of Dale Jr. (insert aside to say there are many fans who’d go to much greater lengths to get to Dale Jr, lol).And that is the story of how Brianna tried to kill herself.

In the meantime, I moved the one bookshelf that was in the dining room (a small bookshelf holding current TBR books) to the kitchen–which is now the only room she doesn’t have accesss to. This became necessary after I got tired of repeatedly picking up 60 books after she’d cleared them all from the bookshelf–and I decided a trip to the ER to remove a peg from her nose was going to be in my future if I didn’t get that bookshelf out of her reach.

I lost my second Jaci Burton mousepad in the lifetime of Brianna. The first got breastmilk dumped on it. The second? A mug of tea by an enterprising child whose fingers reach further than I realized. Don’t take it personally Auntie J.

So, in the way these things happen, her hijinks are wearing me out. Josh comments every night when he comes home on how tired and low energy I look. I return his comments with a look of disbelief. He has NO idea how much energy I’m expending keeping this girl entertained and out of trouble.

And that’s why this morning found Brianna’s Mommy extremely reluctant to get out of bed. I was exhausted! So through the baby monitor I heard Brianna wake up and talking to herself in her crib around 6:30am. And I groan because it’s too early! But then she gets quite and I think she’s talked herself back to sleep so I’m dozing in bed when I hear…

The sound of her bedroom door opening. And as I shoot up in bed, I see my beautiful baby girl toddling past my bedroom door and heading )faster than anyone should move that early in the morning) towards the stairs. And she completely ignores my cries to get her attention. Thankfully, I have mommy super powers and moved at the speed of lightening and grabbed her before she even got near the stairs. But that is the story of how Brianna tried to kill her mommy by giving me a heart attack first thing in the morning.

Oh…and as I type this? My darling girl is upstairs in her crib, not sleeping peacefully, but kicking the side of her crib so she can get the side to drop down. Imp.

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