A meme lifted from several of the reader blogs I visit, including Tara Marie and Nicole. It’s got a nice feel to it, so I am, indeed, playing along!

Play Along!

Current Clothing: light blue sweatpants, a grey and blue sweater and blue slippers. Very fashionable 😉

Current Hair: Uh. Bedhead. But if you saw me you wouldn’t know. Josh complains because I roll out of bed with “good” hair.

Current Mood:Tired, cranky (that’s nothing new) and feeling slightly sardonic (also nothing new).

Current Refreshment:Hot Lady Grey tea with cream and sugar.

Current Annoyance:We don’t have enough time for this question, but one big thing is that I’m still waiting on tax papers that I can’t file my taxes without. And if I could file my taxes, I could pay off all my bills and be blissfully debt-free (the mortgage, car payment and student loan don’t count)

Current Avoidance: Bills. Laundry.

Current Smell: Juice, whenever Brianna walks by I smell juice!

Current Thing You Ought to be Doing: Editing. Laundry. Paying Bills.

Current Thing or Things on Your Wall: Would you believe…nothing? We’ve lived in this house since June and have hung nothing on the walls. Not on any of them.

Current IM person You’re Talking to: Mandy, Jaci, Shan and Mel.

Current Jewelry:my mom’s wedding band on my right hand, my wedding band on my left(but I wear it on my middle finger right now because it’s too big for my ring finger). Two gold chain bracelets that I always wear on my right wrist and gold ear “cuffs” (they’re thin pieces of gold wire that create a vee above my earlobe, just under the inner “shell” of my ear). All jewelry that I wear all the time.

Current Book: Working for the Devil by Lillith Saintcrow. I’m enjoying it so far and I’m about halfway through.

Now you play along!

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