Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad…

A few weeks back I wrote about the sting of getting back final line edits and how horrible I felt seeing all the things I’d missed. Truly, that sting is still there, but I saw something yesterday that made me feel just a bit better about that.

Brianna is just discovering a love of books. It hasn’t been until just recently that she’s wanted to really sit still and be read to. In the past, she’s always wanted to just page through the books on her own. But now, I’m getting the chance to read all those books I invested in for her (some of them over and over and over and over again). One is a book that has a grand total of 8 pages. 12 lines of writing. 12.

As I’m reading along, I stopped on one sentence. My brain will NOT let me read it. I stuttered and stumbled and figured I must be tired if I’m having difficulty reading a children’s book. But nooo, it turns out there’s a typo. Did I mention there are only 12 lines of writing? How hard can it be to find a typo in a book with 12 lines? Come on, people! So I guess if the people at the publishing company that produced this book can miss something in 12 lines, I can cut myself some slack for missing things in 80,000 words.

And in case anyone is curious, here’s the line (see what fascinating things I get to read 25 times a day?):

I am an elephant.
I have a big ears and a trunk.
Do you know what sound I make?

Catching up

So I know I’ve been pretty well sucking in the blogging department the past few weeks, but to say I haven’t had the mental energy for it is such a huge understatement. I found that my t0-do list was getting quite long and getting away from me so I needed to take some time and cross some things off. If I listed everything I’ve accomplished in the past few weeks you’d probably be impressed, but sadly it still leaves me with a feeling of deadlines pressing in on me. Blah.

In publishing news, Samhain books have appeared in Borders and people report holding them, fondling them and some are even *gasp* purchasing them. I myself don’t have a Borders near me so I haven’t gotten to see them yet. I’m anxious to see them though!

I’ve been kind of bummed about not attending any conferences this year, I can’t do RT because I can’t afford it this year, I thought about RWA and then realized that it’s the same week I’m planning a trip back to North Dakota to see my family. Since I haven’t seen them in a year, I’m thinking family should come first, eh? I will be at BEA in Washington D.C. in May, but that doesn’t really count as a conference in my mind.

So I was kind of bummed and moping when one of the other editors, Jessica, mentioned Dragon*Con in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend. This has definite possibilities. And the conference fee to attend? Holy cheap! It makes me wonder why RT and RWA can’t charge less for their conferences. Dragon*Con is $60 if you register before April some time and $70 if you register before July 14th. SEVENTY FREAKING DOLLARS. And they provide a 24 hour hospitality suite with drinks and snacks, free babysitting service during the day and Kevin Sorbo. None of which RT or RWA provide. Granted, I wouldn’t be taking Brianna to Dragon*Con so I don’t need babysitting service. And technically Dragon*Con doesn’t provide Kevin Sorbo, he’s just making an appearance, but still. The fact that they can offer these things and so much more for such a low fee is impressive! So I’m thinking about it. Anyone ever been?

Slightly related in topic, I mentioned I thought I might be attending RWA. And I knew I’d have to leave Brianna here. Since we’re still nursing, I realized this would be tricky, so I’ve been contemplating weaning. She started the process herself a couple months ago, cutting out all day time feedings except the one at naptime, leaving nursing associated only with sleep. Naptime, bedtime and the middle of the night. Which, of course, are the hardest feedings to cut. But on Monday, I made the hard decision of really weaning. It was not a fun decision to make. On Monday, I put her down for a nap without nursing, substituting rocking and reading a book instead and then sitting her in her crib. She cried, I cried. We both cried. I cried longer, though. Then, 20 minutes into her nap she woke herself up, got stuck in the crib rails. So I ended up nursing her anyway because otherwise she wouldn’t have gone back to sleep. And to top it off, Monday was the day she fell from her Leap Frog table and gave herself a black eye. She was thoroughly traumatized which means comfort nursing. So Monday we actually had an EXTRA session of nursing instead of cutting one out.

Tuesday and Wednesday went better, just a few minutes of crying before nap. Thursday was awesome, she talked herself to sleep, whimpered for a few minutes before drifting off. But for some reason today was the worst for her. As soon as I put her in the crib, her face crumpled. It was pitiful. And she cried for like 10 minutes before drifting off. Not bad in the grand scheme of things but weaning is hard enough emotionally, losing the bond, feeling the guilt, without adding in the stress of having to listen to your baby cry. *sigh* I can only hope it will keep getting easier for both of us. Tomorrow Josh is home and I’m going to have him do naptime.

I’m trying to look at the positive side of all this, there are two weekends; one in May and one in June that Josh and i have events to attend. If I have Brianna weaned, we’ll be able to leave her with her grandparents (who would be thrilled) and we could go have a weekend in a hotel, just the two of us. Which we would surely enjoy *grin*.

Last, on the reading front, I’ve met the March TBR challenge (and i have to update the sidebar for those of you who sent me links, I’m sorry) with Lord of Sin by Madeline Hunter and Waltz with a Vampire by…uh…somebody. LOL. I’m going to blog about those this weekend.

I’ve not been reading as much this past week, but from the past three weeks I have a number of books I read that I want to at least do short synopsis on. Most recently I read A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole, which Amazon shipped early (release date is supposed to be March 28th) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one I’d recommend. Anyone else read any good books lately?

So there you have it, my past two weeks in nutshell. See how you didn’t miss anything interesting when i was on my break? 😉

Johari Window

swiped from Sunita because it’s kind of cool :)And yes, I’ll do real blogging tomorrow, I know it’s been awhile.

he Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.

Go here– pick the five or six words from the list below that you think describe Angie the best. (You can set up your own Johari Window afterwards, if you like.)

First pigtails!

Click on any picture for the full page view. Isn’t she cute?

Some secrets are harder to keep than others…

But finally I can share this one!!

It was announced today that Borders has placed an order for Samhain Publishing’s first three print books. That’s right, folks, not only is Samhain already in print, but some of you will be able to go right to your local store and find us on the shelves. Those of you in the publishing industry know what a huge deal this is and we at Samhain are so proud and pleased that Borders has already taken note of our company.

Our first print books: Loup Garou by Mandy Roth, Stud Finders Incorporated by Alexis Fleming and Forever Again by Shannon Stacey are available now for pre-order from both Amazon and My Bookstore and More. On a personal note, I have to just say…SQUEEEEEEE!!! All three of these books are “mine” and I love each of them for being my first 😉 lol but also because each of them truly is an awesome book, showing the incredible talent of each author, with her own unique voice. These are all books I’d happily put on my bookshelves, even if I didn’t have a personal bias 😉

Congratulations Samhain!! I can’t wait to see what else the future has in store.

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