I don’t talk about editing too often on my blog, for various reason, but recently, I’ve been thinking about my least favorite part of the editing process because I’ve had to go through it several days in a row. I thought it was worth sharing since some of my authors occasionally read my blog and there are other aspiring authors out there who visit as well. Give you a little insight into how the process goes for me, because I know you’ve been dying to know.

Ellen Fisher wrote a blog last month about getting edits back and it made me laugh:

I have this vision of my editor shaking her head ruefully and thinking, “Man, this chick sucks…”

I shared with her in her comments that I have similar feelings. Yep, editors are people too and authors aren’t the only ones who worry. I don’t know if other epub editors feel this way but I hate getting final line edits back. Hate. It. With a passion. Because everything that I missed when going through edits is right there, pointed out for me in lovely technicolor. Blech blech blech. Now, granted, when I do a book, I’m focusing on contents–plot, story, consistency, character development and making sure that those things are as tight as possible. Additionally, I read with an eye towards flow and readability. I still look for all the “little” things as well, things that a copy editor/final line editor will also be looking at, but it’s common for me to miss things like this and it irritates me. Why? Well, clearly I feel I should be perfect.

I feel that I do some pretty thorough edits. I think I’m fairly good at it, and, to date, most of my authors have been happy (or so they’ve said to my face) with how things have gone and the finished product and the feedback from readers has been incredibly positive (the first 3 of the 4 books Samhain released were edited by me. No pressure, really). But I hate final line edits. Because I just KNOW that the final line editor is thinking I suck at editing. That I should be drug through a field and shot at dawn for all the things I missed. They’re wondering how I got the job and why I continue to keep it. Secretly, the final line editor is laughing at how much I suck. And not only that, but then I have to pass the line edits on to the author. And she gets to see how horrible I’ve really been. They’re appalled that they’ve gotten stuck with someone who is such an imbecile. And I just know that she (or he) wants to switch editors but they don’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me (because I’m sure authors are worried about my feelings and not the sales their book produces. Really).

And it doesn’t matter that I do line edits for other editors and that I often find a number of things they’ve missed. Of course they have, they’ve been busy concentrating on content edits and character points. But somehow, I expect more of myself and therefore loathe, despise and dread the final line edit process. It punctures holes in my ego every time. This week, I’ve gone through the process twice. And can look forward to it twice more next week. More chocolate please.

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