A few weeks back I wrote about the sting of getting back final line edits and how horrible I felt seeing all the things I’d missed. Truly, that sting is still there, but I saw something yesterday that made me feel just a bit better about that.

Brianna is just discovering a love of books. It hasn’t been until just recently that she’s wanted to really sit still and be read to. In the past, she’s always wanted to just page through the books on her own. But now, I’m getting the chance to read all those books I invested in for her (some of them over and over and over and over again). One is a book that has a grand total of 8 pages. 12 lines of writing. 12.

As I’m reading along, I stopped on one sentence. My brain will NOT let me read it. I stuttered and stumbled and figured I must be tired if I’m having difficulty reading a children’s book. But nooo, it turns out there’s a typo. Did I mention there are only 12 lines of writing? How hard can it be to find a typo in a book with 12 lines? Come on, people! So I guess if the people at the publishing company that produced this book can miss something in 12 lines, I can cut myself some slack for missing things in 80,000 words.

And in case anyone is curious, here’s the line (see what fascinating things I get to read 25 times a day?):

I am an elephant.
I have a big ears and a trunk.
Do you know what sound I make?

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