If that’s not a clue what this post is about, nothing will be. Somehow, not only did I manage to get sick this weekend–either a spring cold or really, really hellacious seasonal allergies (though I don’t think those normally come with body aches and chills) but I also managed to take a tumble off the stairs Saturday afternoon while bringing Brianna down from her nap. (more…)

Ebook Buzz: Evolution’s Embers Review

Peachfuz reviewed Evolution’s Embers for the ebook buzz review. She apparently enjoyed the book (though that wasn’t required in the rules, lol). Thanks for the review P. For future reviewers, yes, even if your review isn’t glowing, it will get posted here. I’m all about the honesty 😀


Confessions of a SAHM

The other week, I was having a “moment” as I called it and bemoaning my status as a
stay-at-home mom
work-at-home mom when Josh was off racing and I was craving food from a regular restaurant. Now, I rarely eat out and Brianna and I don’t do fast food but once every couple of weeks. For one thing, my hips wouldn’t thank me and for another, it’s not that wasy to just run out and grab something when I have a craving. It involves making sure we’re both dressed, getting her in the car (assuming she’s awake when the craving hits) and hoping she’s not cranky. If the place doesn’t have a drive through (Quiznos…Subway…are you listening?) you can forget it.


Moms Gone Wild

Wednesday night was Mom’s Night Out. The first in a very long time. I rarely go out, and even more rarely go out without Josh. But this month, my playgroup had Mom’s Night Out. Now, you might ask if I had a good time and my answer would be: Does the fact that I’m posting about Wednesday night on Friday morning tell you anything? :sasmokin:


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