It’s the first day of April and that means the March TBR challenge ended yesterday. Holy crap! I’ve been a bad challenge host this month. And a bad blogger. March was a busy month for me and I didn’t get to do a lot of “fun” things. Not much reading, tv or blogging. I need to do better in April.

So I’m going to work on finalizing the March list of people who completed the challenge. I’ll be posting all of the links in a post. So if you completed the challenge and you didn’t email me or leave the link in the comments section, let me know that you completed!!

In the meantime…It’s April. Yikes! But the nice thing about April is that the TBR challenge is very broad. Read a book that’s been on your TBR pile longer than six months. Easy right? (unless you’re one of those odd people who doesn’t have a TBR pile. I know there are a few of you out there).

So, who wants to play? And I promise I’ll do better about keeping up the sidebar this month. And I don’t even have my fingers crossed 😉

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