I had a tough editing week last week. By Friday, I was pretty well drained and burnt out. So I took most of the weekend away from my computer. I didn’t answer email, turn on my IM, or open a manuscript. I needed time off. Not to mention that I wanted to just spend the weekend with my family and give them my undivided attention.

It was gorgeous here all weekend.

Saturday, my in-laws came over for the day. Josh and my FIL worked outside. Our yard is fenced, but there was no gate acrose it. They spent all day building a gate so the yard is totally enclosed. It looks fantastic, they did a great job and now Brianna and I can go to the backyard and I don’t have to worry about her running down the driveway. They also brought over a bunch of yard toys they had from when my BIL and his family lived with them. So Brianna got the hook up with some little chairs, a table, a couple of slides and a swing. Plus they bought her a turtle sandbox.

While the guys worked, we went shopping. And boy did we shop! My MIL was incredibly generous and Brianna got thoroughly spoiled at both Target and Wal-mart. Josh and I got a few things, too, but Brianna got toys. And clothes. And books. And then more toys. And clothes. She is well set for the spring/summer for clothes. We had a lot of fun shopping and spending money (although I didn’t spend any so maybe that’s why it was so fun, lol). It was a great day.

Sunday was spent outside again. Josh cleaned out the garage and got the backyard completely cleaned up so it’s safe for Brianna. I did some planting in the front while she napped and then, in the afternoon, I put together the wagon we’d bought her last weekend. She loves being outside and spent much of the afternoon following her daddy and playing in the sandbox.

Because we were so busy, I didn’t get to do much reading, although I did read Private Demon by Lynn Viehl. And I caught up on all four episodes of Doctor Who. I also tried to watch the Sci-Fi miniseries Dark Kingdom, which I had on DVR, but after watching almost the entire first two hours, I deleted both parts. I couldn’t stand to watch the arrogance of the lead character any longer. Blech.

Brianna and I are still weaning. Naptimes are a breeze now, she goes down after I rock her and read a few books (Goodnight Moon at least twice!) I haven’t started the bedtime weaning yet. Probably next week. I don’t want to rush her (or me) through the process.

Now, on to another busy week of editing! Have a great week everyone.

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