Who am I? I get this mental picture of Anthony Michael Hall in Breakfast Club, repeating that question to himself as he contemplates the essay they’re supposed to write in detention. Any child of the eighties will be able to conjure the image immediately.

I’m going through a bit of an existential blog crisis. Who am I? Or more accurately, what can I blog about? Since my husband now reads my blog (or at least I now KNOW that he does) and it’s just as likely my in-laws could drop by, I guess my sex life is out (babe, you’re a sex god, reoowr). Since a number of my authors stop by to read, I can’t talk about editing frustrations (not that any of my frustrations center around my authors, because really, they’re fabulous. No really. I’m being serious, stop sneering). And I don’t think anyone really wants me to start pontificating (is that a word?) about the editing process or writing “rules” or other things of that nature.

Can’t talk about the parenting board because they visit sometimes too (although I’m not a very good mommy blog so their visits are more infrequent). But there’s not really anything to say about the parenting board anyhow. Unless you want to hear that 85% (I totally made that number up, it might be 95%,lol) of the October 2004 mommies seem to be knocked up? And the playgroup, that I never get to attend because I’m too busy working…well, that’s out too, because they stop by and read the blog too.

So what’s left? Books? What if the next book I read, review and hate is the next author that was going to send me a submission (hey, it could happen, Laurell K. Hamilton might be reading my blog and crossing my name off her submission list, you never know!) I feel like that might inhibit my abillity to be totally honest (although I’m sure Jane Porter would tell you that didn’t seem to affect my review of her book. Hmm…I wonder if Jane was planning on subbing to Samhain? *grin*). I’ll endeavor to not write only glowing, fangirl reviews (ha! can you imagine? As if!)

That leaves pretty much Brianna and her bugs 😉 Oh and the sandbox which is apparently oh so yummy. I mean, I know we can never have enough Brianna stories and pictures, but maybe I should try for something more? I guess I could still talk about what a sex god Josh is. Surely he wouldn’t mind too much?

I swear, some days I think I just need to start all over again where no one knows me. But then I’d be lonely because no one would be reading. And then I’d tell people. And…it’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya!

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