First, you can now reach my blog through two new addresses: and

Of course, the old address still works for now, because I’m staying on blogger, but I purchased those domain names for $3 each from iPower and set them up to redirect here for now. If, when I have some spare time *snicker* I decide I want to move to Word Press or create a website and move my blog content there, I at least have the addresses reserved.

Second, I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I removed my blogroll a few weeks ago. It was very out of date and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it. Everyone has blogrolls with either other mommy blogs or reader blogs/author blogs and it didn’t really seem much use to have the same blogroll as everyone else. This week I decided to dedicate my blogroll to just Samhain authors. So if you follow any of the links, they’ll take you to Samhain authors’ blogs.

Last, don’t tell Kristie(J) but a Lisa Kleypas book came in the mail yesterday. Then Came You . Is this the one I’m supposed to start with? I get so confused!

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