I’m going to do a round of good and bad, to catch up some of my miscellaneous news.

Bad: I broke the Neon. Josh’s car (Mustang) is still be repaired from his car accident, so we’re down to just the Explorer. The Neon was literally limping along, I was only driving essential places but yesterday, it started choking its last breaths (complete with ugly black smoke and ominous noises).

Good: My mother-in-law let us borrow her car for the next couple days until Josh’s car is done. And non-related, but also car related, one of Josh’s co-workers gave him a Porsche. Yes, gave. Here’s a picture:

It needs a fuel pump and I don’t know how much other work. But we can afford to insure it since we’ll be disposing of the Neon. And it will give Josh something to tinker with. Though we don’t really need something else to spend money on. But I will look totally cute toodling around in it. I’ve always wanted a cute little car.


Bad: One of Samhain’s editors left the company last week, leaving us with a rather full schedule. My family is talking about disowning me if I don’t spend more time with them. It’s been a busy transition while we look for more editors and final line editors (anyone out there looking for an editing position? lol)

Good: I got to add some really great authors to my line-up. Eve Vaughn, Heather Rae Scott, Arianna Hart and Ciar Cullen were moved to my schedule. Yay! I love getting new authors. I wish I had room and time for all the authors, lol.


Bad: I…err…spent over $300 this week and I really shouldn’t have.

Good: I got a new camera! I got a new camera! Canon S2 I’ve had the same Sony Powershot for almost four years. It was time for a new camera and Yayyy! I finally got one.

Bad: Of course, it came with something like three freaking manuals that explain how to use it. I don’t have time to read for pleasure, let alone suss out how to use a camera by way of three manuals. *groan*


Good: I have Amazon Prime free trial and I can order any books I want and have them delivered in two days at no shipping charge. I LOVE this, it’s been so fun.

Bad: It ends in a few weeks. And it costs $70 to sign up. And I waaaaant it. But it’s not practical. So I will be Amazon Prime-less soon. *sniff*

Good: Because of Amazon Prime plus Amazon’s 4 for 3 deal, I’ve been getting a bunch of books from Amazon to read, books I’m really excited about. The latest that came yesterday was Hell Kat by Vivi Anna.

Bad: I don’t have time to read and those books are just sitting there taunting me. Waaaahhhh…

Good: So I’ve decided I’m taking this weekend off for family and pleasure reading, for all those Amazon books taunting me and calling my name. I need to recharge myself and remind my husband what I look like naked *giggle*

Bad: That just puts me further behind in my already tight schedule *sigh*


Bad: Jaci’s dog ate her thumbdrive this morning and she lost a lot of documents.

Good: We got a humerous blog post, got to see some really cute puppy pictures, and maybe giggle (just a little) at her.


Good: I sent Rene a package

Bad: Only about three weeks after I was supposed to send it. Sorry Rene! It went out priority mail today and there are some extra goodies in there for your munchkin 🙂


And last but not least:

Good: I blogged today 😉

Bad: I should have been spending that time editing Rae’s book *waving to Rae*

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