Last night I had what was (to me) an interesting dream, because of all the things that happened, and the various people, some of whom I haven’t thought of in years, who appeared in it. Near the end of the dream, Brianna woke up (at 4am) and while I was rocking her back to sleep, I went over the details of the dream in my head, so I could share it. Because there seemed to be a lot of symbolism in the dream. Maybe if I have time, I’ll look up some of the symbolism. Here you go, my whacked out dream…

There’s a flood, the roads get washed out. I dive into the river and climb into someone’s boat. Floating down river in a half pod thing and I’m taking pictures with my new camera. There’s a deer standing in the water at the edge of the river but I can’t snap the picture fast enough. I continue floating down the river (the person who was in the pod with me has disappeared after their initial appearance)

Get off and I’m at a bar/hotel.

There are no lights outside the bar. I tell the doorman it’s dangerous not to have lights outside. What if someone steps off the curb and breaks their ankle? Lawsuit waiting to happen. He flips a switch and an incredibly bright light comes on outside, flooding the bar as well. Something is wrong with the street light, it’s pointing right into the bar. He and another guy have a deep conversation about the light. They turn it off.

Inside the bar, are my friends Joe, Christine and a girl (Steph) from high school who I haven’t seen since then–well over 12 years–she was the class president and exceled at everything she did. We were friends and I liked her quite a bit because she was so nice. She’s going to go work at a job I had several years ago (the place Joe and Christine work). She says she has two kids (ages 3 and 8) but isn’t with their father (no one I know, I asked) and she seems very embarassed about the whole thing. I remember thinking in my dream that she sure didn’t realize her potential.

I didn’t expect to see her or Christine at the bar. I’m here to meet Joe. Christine is leaving when I come in, but then later, she’s sitting at the bar ignoring me, along with this guy Steve, who was in my Occupational Therapy class in college (and no I haven’t talked to him either, since college, lol) and also our friend Jon (for reference, I worked with Joe, Jon and Christine several years ago and they all still work there together. I’ve been thinking about them alot lately, because they all still go and hang out, living the life of childless people, lol, and I miss talking to them.)

I’ve brought a copy of Shannon Stacey’s Forever Again to the bar because I’m so proud of this book and want to show it off. I want Joe to see what I’ve been doing and how proud I am of the company. But when I go to show it, my copy has a different cover and I am really upset because I adore the cover of Forever Again. I think it’s incredibly pretty. So then I’m embarrassed to show this book, I don’t think the cover is very flattering and I’m trying to figure out how I got a copy with a different cover. And people aren’t as impressed as I think they should be, lol. All through the dream I keep looking down at this book, with it’s ugly cover, which is just a big drawing of a woman’s head.

So we’re sitting at the bar and some drunk guy comes up to the bar and asks the bartender (the girl, Steph, is suddenly now the bartender) what she’d recommend to drink to someone who hasn’t had anything to drink (no liquids at all) in three weeks. He thinks he’s being funny. She says “Water you moron, although you’d be DEAD.”

And that’s when Brianna wakes me up. When I went back to sleep, it was a new dream (and that one is waaaay too bizarre to even think about sharing. WHY am I dreaming about scrubbing dried-on toothpaste off a bathroom sink?)

Anyone want to take a stab at dream analysis? Or just pronounce it too weird to define 😉

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