No really, that was sarcasm. I got to experience another fun first last night. Brianna has the flu. She’s never been sick before. I think she had a minor cold once, and of course, she’s had some allergy issues, but no sicknesses. Ha. That changed yesterday. We were on the way home from my in-laws, where we had an Easter dinner and Easter Egg Hunt (pictures after the jump).

Brianna had not been eating all day, had thrown up that morning, but was in really good spirits. Well, on the way home (they live 45 minutes away) she dropped off to sleep. And she threw up in her sleep. Of course she woke up. Tossed her cookies (actually grapes) again and was covered in vomit. Poor thing. I was by myself because Josh had picked up his car from being fixed and was tinkering with a few things to get it fully running, so he was still at his parents. So there I was, on the highway, with a vomit covered, crying baby and still 30 minutes from home. Oh, did I mention it was getting dark? So I pulled off to a roadside rest area (big no-no for women alone at night, btw) and cleaned her, the car and carseat as best I could with napkins and baby wipes. I felt really bad for her. But we made it home and I got her to bed. She didn’t sleep well last night, and she’s been kind of lethargic today, but no more throwing up, thank God.

She had a lot of fun, though, at dinner and got to participate in her first ever Easter Egg hunt. At first she didn’t know what to do, but with daddy’s help, she caught on quick. Here’s a few pictures:

And in case you can’t tell, that Easter basket really WAS as big as her. She got a bunch of Dora things, some Madeline dolls, and personalized M&Ms that have her full name. Of course, I had to giggle because Brianna was spelled Biranna on every single M&M. Ahahahaha…

She’s napping now, so let’s hope she’ll wake up feeling even better!

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