We’re still working on weaning here. It’s been kind of a rough week. Since I’ve weaned her from naptime, about 6 weeks ago, I’ve only had to nurse her once during that time. But this weekend she had the flu and didn’t want to eat, she wanted to nurse. I figured that wasn’t such a bad idea so she was still getting fluid and nutrients but OY! First, it wasn’t just like a short nursing session, she wanted to nurse for extended periods. Which, of course is mostly comfort nursing but it’s not like I was going to deny her that when she’s sick.

But once she was feeling better on Tuesday, eating and drinking and not sick any longer, that’s when we ran into problems. And are still encountering them. She thinks she should nurse during the day again. First of all, it’s been since around her first birthday that I had to worry about that, with the exception of the weekend. I thought our big hurdle was going to be cutting naptime and bedtime nursing, not reverting back to daytime nursing!

So I’m struggling with keeping her from nursing. And feeling like a bad mommy in the meantime because she has some really pitiful looks and seeing those big blue eyes filled with tears…:bigsigh: she’s good. Josh and I are going to BEA in May, which is really just a few weeks away, and I was really hoping to keep her with my MIL then, for one night. But it doesn’t like she’s going to be done weaning then. Blah.

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