I’m going to say it right up front, of course my motives aren’t altruistic. This is blatant promotion. But it’s promotion in the form of free books so who can complain?

This week, there’s been a lot of talk on the internet about the lack of reviews of ebooks on blogs. Some speculation on why that may be but I think we can each only speak to our own reasons for not doing it. But one thing I do know…

Samhain Publishing is a new company. There’ve been very few reviews of our books in blogland thus far, partly because we’re new, partly because we publish ebooks first, then print. So here’s where the blatant promo, shameless plug and free books come in.

I’m proposing a blogging experiment. Somewhat like Alison Kent’s viral marketing scheme, but slightly different. We want to build buzz and draw in readers. But maybe you need to hear some opinions of the books before you’re willing to buy. Here’s how it works:

Once every three weeks I’ll make a post, for people to sign up to participate. From the participants, two will be chosen (mostly random) to get a free Samhain book of their choice. The only requirement is that you must blog an honest review of that book (I specify honest because I can go anywhere and ask for a gushing review. That’s not what I’m looking for here) before the next giveaway (that gives you three weeks, so the book can’t linger on your TBR pile, so to speak). I don’t care if you hate the book and pick it apart (well, I care but I won’t be angry or extract retribution and you’ll still be eligible for future books, no prejudice) all I ask is for an honest review (no attacks on the author, but a critique of the book itself), at least a paragraph long somewhere on the world wide web. You can post the review on your blog or on Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, etc. You can post it anonymously or you can take credit for it. I’ll leave the choice to you. But you have to let me know, so I know you’ve completed the “task”. All I ask is fair return (aka an honest review of some sort) for the free book.

If you don’t post a review of the book, just take the freebie and run, you’ll be subject to public shame and ridicule. No really, you’ll just be exempt from future free books but the guilt will haunt you all the rest of your days.

In addition, every person who follows through and posts a review and lets me know will be entered into a drawing for a free gift from Samhain Publishing (gift certificate or print book) in 4 months.

You can’t be eligible to get a free book twice in a row. In other words, once every six weeks.

No more than two copies of any one book will be given out. I will maintain a page here on my blog, where a list of books requested and their subsequent reviews will be posted/linked to.

Sign-ups start today and I’ll contact the “winners” on Tuesday. So make sure you provide a valid email address! Tell your friends. Go forth and buzz.

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