I’ve only been sent a few links by people who’ve completed the challenge. So if you finished, post it here and I’ll update the page. It’s much easier to update now that I have the seperate page, which is a snap to change, rather than republishing my index on Blogger (yes, I’m a WordPress convert). And on the same TBR subject, why the heck didn’t anyone tell me it’s said MARCH TBR this whole time instead of April? :doh: I had to read it on Megan’s blog. Public humilation and scorn. Ridicule and shame. 😥

Also, I have this horrible fear that I’m not going to meet my own challenge for the month. I’ve read a total of 1 1/2 books so far in April. Obviously my worst month so far this year. I don’t know what to read for the challenge, but I’d better get moving!

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