First, let me thank everyone who spread the word about this as well as everyone who expressed interest in participating. I wanted to give each of you a book this time, I didn’t want to have to draw names. I actually pulled three people instead of two, since we had so much interest. Those of you who weren’t chosen, you’ll have the chance to sign up again in three weeks, so don’t forget to come back the weekend of May 13th (while everyone else is getting ready to jet off to the Romantic Times conference) and sign up to participate.

This round, the following people were pulled from the hat:

Peachfuzy, Stacy Holmes and Karen Scott. All have been notified and asked to choose a book. They have three weeks to review it. I’ll post when they notify me of their review. I will also keep the Ebook Buzz page updated so you can see what book they’ll be reviewing, where to find their review, etc. If they complete their task, they’ll be entered into a drawing for a gift at the end of the summer. If, for some reason, I don’t hear from them by Friday with their choice, I’ll draw another name.

Next round, I’ll also choose one person just from anyone who says they’ve never tried an ebook before (based on the honor system, of course).

Thanks again for all your interest.

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