Wednesday night was Mom’s Night Out. The first in a very long time. I rarely go out, and even more rarely go out without Josh. But this month, my playgroup had Mom’s Night Out. Now, you might ask if I had a good time and my answer would be: Does the fact that I’m posting about Wednesday night on Friday morning tell you anything? :sasmokin:

There were 8 of us for dinner at al Chinese restaurant. I had sushi. Yummmm. It was a great dinner, talking about movies and books and things about our lives. Our waiter was incredibly patient about dealing with 8 boisterous women and didn’t even ask us to leave, though we were the last ones in the place.

Around 9pm, all but one of us went to a local bar for karaoke. Sadly, none of us sang karaoke. But we still had a fantastic time watching the room, listening to some bad singing and drooling on Justin. Who’s Justin? Ahhhh…Justin, the cutie-patootie bartender :spank: Hey, we’re married, not dead!
As it turned out, it was ladies night. But we were just about the only ladies at lady night. The room was mostly men. And I think they were happy we were there *grin* We got serenaded and cat called more than a few times. But being the demure, reserved, classy women we are, we didn’t reciprocate. :bat:

It was a fabulous night out and exactly what I needed. And here’s something that was great for me: I left the house before Brianna went to bed and let Josh do bedtime duty. He said she went to bed without a peep (and keep in mind, that means no nursing either). It’s a really positive step forward, and a relief to know that I can plan something without having to worry about bedtime.

After a day of recovery from the lack of sleep (I went to bed at 1am and Brianna thought 5:30am was a fine time to be awake), smoking (I’m a social smoker) and libations (Malibu Bay Breeze…mmmm) I’m at 100% again and will leave you with a few things overheard at Mom’s Night Out:

Identity anonymous to protect the not-so innocent: “He melts my butter”

Some young guy who plopped himself down at the table: “You’re all moms? All of you? No way.”

From a gay man: “Mom’s Night Out? How gay is that?”

Same random young man (who proclaimed he’d once been a nude model): “You’re what…25? 30! Now way.”

From the bouncer at the door: “Can I see your IDs please?”

Some desperate housewife: “Is it Justin’s turn to sing yet?”

You know who you are: “Whoooowoooo!”

Mom #21789: “I guess we should go home. So, where we going tomorrow night?”

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