Peachfuz reviewed Evolution’s Embers for the ebook buzz review. She apparently enjoyed the book (though that wasn’t required in the rules, lol). Thanks for the review P. For future reviewers, yes, even if your review isn’t glowing, it will get posted here. I’m all about the honesty 😀

Evolutions Embers by Mary Wine

The first time I saw the cover and blurb for Evolutions Embers I couldn’t decide if it was worth the money. I won’t make that mistake again. It was great from the first page. The premise is not something entirely original but Mary Wine took the idea of one woman for every two men and spun it an entirely new way.

Jala is a fighter in a brutal sport and if she makes it to her 30th birthday without losing she will be granted freedom from a forced match to two unknown men. When a competitor takes her out with an illegal move she is soon sent to wait for her matches, Cassian and Sion to come and get her. What she ends up with are two Alpha males who are intent on keeping her and perplexed as to what to do with her when she is nothing like other women.

No fainting weak-willed woman here. This is about a clash of Aphas and every bit of it is enjoyable. Sure, I would have liked it if there had been more of the steamy sex scenes but what you have here is a great STORY. The characters are multidimensional , not wooden cutouts. Good plot, great sexual tension and the men also experience emotional growth, something rarely seen in the wild.

There are plenty of places to get books with thin plots and plenty of gratuitous sex and sometimes that’s just fine. If you want substance – skip the rest and head over for this book , it’s worth your time and money. I don’t feel pretentious enough to give it some sort of star rating instead just head over to and buy a copy.


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