If that’s not a clue what this post is about, nothing will be. Somehow, not only did I manage to get sick this weekend–either a spring cold or really, really hellacious seasonal allergies (though I don’t think those normally come with body aches and chills) but I also managed to take a tumble off the stairs Saturday afternoon while bringing Brianna down from her nap. We have hardwood floors, they were freshly polished and I was in stocking feet. My foot hit the floor off the last step and…well, I never stood a chance. I didn’t drop the baby and she wasn’t hurt (though she was plenty scared) but I’m a mass of pulled muscles and bruises, which are really fun in addition to the aches of being sick. So today has been a total wash for anything except lounging on the couch, doing some reading off and on (I’m so sick I don’t even feel like concentrating on a book at times) and watching bad Sunday tv. It hurts to swallow, so good thing I don’t have to talk to anyone besides my family. Although Brianna is chattering away so I have to talk to her quite a bit 🙂 Thank God for my husband, who took pity on me and went to Cold Stone Creamery and got me some ice cream :heart:

The good news is, I don’t have to worry about blogging because I have several day’s worth of posts saved up that I typed Saturday morning. The lovely thing about WordPress!

I’m hoping I feel a lot better tomorrow because Brianna has her 18 month check-up, I have deadlines and Josh won’t be home until late tomorrow night as he has to go to Baltimore to pick up an engine for our car. So I’m on my own with a cold, bruises, deadlines and a toddler who will be getting shots. Waaaah.

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