Leaving Mama by Bobbie Cole

I don’t often highlight Samhain releases on my blog, but I wanted to share Leaving Mama by Bobbie Cole with you. This is the first women’s fiction book I acquired and I adore it. It’s significant for me because I’m not a huge fan of women’s fiction. The last book in this category that I really loved was My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. But when Bobbie submitted this book to Samhain, I was captivated. She writes incredible, strong women, portraying such vivid characterization that I feel I know them. As I was editing this book, pieces of it jumped out at me, slapping me in the face and touching me with their meaning.

This is by no means a sappy book 😉 This is a story of journeys and the questions many of us face as mothers and daughters. I hope you’ll give Leaving Mama a chance!

Blurb and excerpt after the jump.


Add me to the list of addicts

This weekend, I (mostly) took time off from editing and answering emails (needed a recharge of my batteries). Though I did have one deadline to meet on Sunday, other than that, I didn’t edit or answer emails or turn on my IM all weekend. Decadent, I know. So how did I fill my time? You’d think I’d have picked up one of the books I snagged at BEA (in case you haven’t noticed, BEA book list is now up on it’s own page at the top) but nooo. I wasn’t in a reading mood. Guess I was a bit burnt. So instead, I popped in a DVD and became an instant addict.


Sara completes the May TBR challenge x2

Though Sara does have a blog, which you can find here, it’s not a romance blog (she said she’s thinking of starting one so let’s all encourage her to do that!) so she asked me to post her May TBR reviews here.

On a brief side note, the TBR page is updated with all of the completed entries I recieved by email or in the comments section here. If I missed anyone, let me know because there are only FOUR days left to complete the challenge or you go up on the wall of shame 😉


Sorry, we’re going to have to let the fern die…

Dear Mima and Poppy,

We really appreciate you buying us flowers and plants for our front yard. We’ve been diligent about watering so they don’t die. Especially the ferns hanging from the front porch. Those ferns look really beautiful. We’ve been meaning to repot them, and even though we haven’t we’ve still watered them nearly every day, so they don’t die. But this morning, we came to the realization that one of them is going to have to die. We’re sad about this, but we think you’ll understand…


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